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#Barcode catalogs
# Barcode catalogs
The Tara Oceans 18S-V9 rRNA metabarcode data set consists of eight size-fractionated communities obtained from two depths in the photic zone (subsurface [SRF], deep-chlorophyll maximum [DCM]), one from the mesopelagic zone (MES) and one from the marine epipelagic mixed layer (MIX). Size fractionations corresponded to filter collected pico- and nanoplankton (0.8–5 μm), and plankton net tows for the nano-, micro-, and mesoplankton (5–20 μm, 20–180 μm and 180–2,000 μm, respectively) (; de Vargas et al., 2015). This data set was built by sequencing plankton metabarcodes and assembling 1,685,214,722 raw reads, from 1,046 samples including Tara Oceans Polar Circle expedition (; Ibarbalz et al., 2019). Metabarcodes were clustered into biologically meaningful 474,303 OTUs using the “Swarm” approach (Mahé et al., 2014). For the taxonomic assignment of metabarcodes, the Protist Ribosomal Reference -PR2- database was used (Guillou et al., 2013).
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