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Add définition of cost function

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......@@ -55,7 +55,10 @@ shinyUI(
'In order to run this application, you have to format your dataset with tabulation separators. Also, remove all spaces in the dataset header (prefer to use "_" when needed).
Organise your dataset so that there is only two arrays. The first one being the time and the second one, the cells density
(e. g. optic density, cell number, biomass). This application proposes a method to perform ', strong('a logistic regression'), ' to estimate', strong('growth rate'), 'as well as ', strong('maximum cells density'),'.'),
withMathJax(helpText('The logistic equation is defined as $$x(t) = r.x_0.(1-\\frac{x_0}K)$$'))
withMathJax(helpText('The logistic equation is defined as $$x(t) = r.x_0.(1-\\frac{x_0}K)$$'),
'The panel "Verify parameters estimation" is graphical représentation in 2D and 3D of the cost function. Cost function is is the function that represents the difference between what our model predicts and the observation. We want this "cost" to be minimal so that our model is the most efficient. So we want to "minimize" this function'),
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